50 move


In the current game between me and georgepetcu

no pieces have been taken for 21 moves (only 29 to go), my opponent, and he has the right, refuses to accept a draw.

I feel that I am just wasting internet time with this game

If some others can suggest that he will win (hopefully soon) then I will resign

But I don't think he can, or that he may not have the ability.

No disrespect to georgepetcu

Should I resign, or make another 29 moves?

If I make another 29 similar moves, will a Draw be automatic?

If someone wants to teach me how to add in the game graphics, that would be nice too.


50 moves without captures or pawn moves. so you have 33 moves to go. i couldn't find the game in his game list, but i found it in yours

ok well just because 21 moves have gone by does not mean he has accept a draw.

the rule you are refferring to is the 50 move rule where if no peices have been taken in 50 moves the game is drawn. you didn't post the game so i dont know how to answer whether or not you will win or not. however if you think you are wasting you time then you wont try to win you will simply play until you want to quit which it seems like you already do. so you need to think about whether or not you want to play fair or try to force a draw which is NOT FAIR! i think you should play to the best of your ability because you cant win every game. if you play as hard as you can then even i f you lose you have gained experience for you next challenge. like i said i havent looked at the game but i would play it out atleast. it sounds like neither of you wants to be the aggressor but sooner or later someone will have to be just that.

Wow. I'm a novice, but after looking at that - that's a draw.