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A bullet game (not immortal)

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    I think this game came close of being the best chess game in the history! Especially if you consider that this game is a bullet game, with enormously time pressure. 


    Mister Idiot, please keep uploading these brilliant masterpieces and seriously consider coaching. Your instinctial playing style should be the standard for every chess player. 

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    Irontiger wrote:
    LongIslandMark wrote:
    [how to get advice : politeness, humility, proof of non-laziness]



    But sometimes people are rough around the edges. So perhaps on our part then this: patience, kindness, and firmness.

    We can politely tell what is wrong; that it is like so, and not like such.

    For if we disregard, and expel anyone who is unable to cater to how we want to be met, perhaps we both lose. They never learn and understand what they are doing wrong, and we become less human. 

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    Thanks for the compliments and suggestions. The feedback I'm getting is that maybe Showcase forum is more appropriate for these games.

    The justification I have for posting in the Analysis forum was because I felt that I took the time to record my reasonings in step with the game and that this was a form of analysis. I guess we all have different perspectives and definitions of the way things ought to play out.

    Nevertheless I felt this was valid feedback, so next time unless I do a computational analysis with the game, I shall move my games to the Showcase forum. This is probably the most appropriate arena for my 'edutainment' style.

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    Irontiger wrote:
    FN_Perfect_Idiot wrote:

    I possibly wouldn't consider this game amongst my best due to some clumsy defending by my opponent and a hanging queen for one move.

    Making this wise comment a bit bigger cannot harm.

    This made me laugh so hard!!!

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    Loved the commentary!!


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