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A Fritz analysis - help

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    Is there an article or a paper on how one understands the print out of an analysis done with Fritz 11.  I am new to all this and don't understand all the symbols that are used that are not part of the collection " !!. ?, ?? ... "  I have checked the help file but that is restricted to expalining how to set the analysis up.



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    what type of symbols? If you're asking about the + and - symbols then they're here:

    +- means that white is winning by a large amount, usually enough to win the game

    -+ means that black is winning by a large amount

    +/- or (plus over minus) means that white is winning, but the advantage isn't decisive (ex. 1 pawn up)

    -/+ or (minus over plus) means that black is winning, but the advantage isn't decisive

    += means that white is only slightly winning, usually by less than a pawn

    =+ means that black is only slightly winning, usually by less than a pawn

    = means that the position is more or less equal

    hope this helps

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    That's a help. But there are also a triangle and half a dome ( slice of bread ) shape that sometimes preceeds a variant (?)

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    Sorry for dragging up an old topic, but to answer GreybeardB's last question, a triangle mark after a move indicates the plan that the move is supporting, helping explain the rational behind that move.  A semi-circle means "better is," and is used to show a move than is better (typically significantly better) than the text move.  I've seen it used mostly often to show a better move to a text move that isn't terrible, but is not nearly the best move in the position.

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    Symbol Means Also Written As
    1 - 0 White Wins  
    0 - 1 Black Wins  
    1/2 - 1/2 Draw  
    + Check ch.
    ++ Double Check dbl. ch.
    dis. ch. Discovered Check  
    O-O Castles Kingside  
    O-O-O Castles Queenside  
    # Checkmate  
    ! Good Move  
    !! Very Strong or Brilliant Move  
    ? Mistake  
    ?? Blunder  
    !? Interesting Move  
    ?! Dubious Move  
    +- White has a Winning Advantage  
    White has a Clear Advantage +/-
    White has a Slight Advantage +=  or  +/=
    = Equal Position  
    ~ Approximately Equal Position  
    Unclear Position  
    Black has a Slight Advantage =+  or  =/+
    Black has a Clear Advantage -/+
    -+ Black has a Winning Advantage  
    Only Move  
    Development Advantage  
    Space Advantage  
    Zeitnot (Time Trouble)  
    N Novelty  
    RR Editorial Annotation  
    Better is  
    Worse is  
    = Equivalent is  
    With the Idea of  
    Directed Against  
    << Queenside  
    >> Kingside  
    e.p. En Passant  
    OTB Over the Board  
    CC Correspondence Chess  
    Ch. Championship  
    M. Match  
    OL Olympiad  
    zt Zonal  
    izt Inter-zonal  
    rpd Rapid Play  
    sim Simultaneous  
    jr Junior Event  
    w Women's Event wom

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