a most unsatifactory draw


here is a game i played against torquay on tuesday. I was hopeing for the win but wasn't agressive enought. If i was then rather than a dynamicly equal game it would of been far supirior?

I think this is an exciting game nd4 in move 14 or so loks more viable welcome comments.

i was right the first time nd4 never worked


You should be happy you got a draw.  Black has a win in the final position:

29 ... g5
30 Qe5 

White has to give up the Queen one way or another to avoid mate.  If 30 Qa3 Qc4+.

30 ... Qc4+
31 Kb1 Rb3+
32 Qb2 Qe4+
33 Ka2 Rxb2+
34 Kxb2 Qxd4+

Followed by Qxf2 and an easy win.