Wow. Click into my homepage. Review the blitz game with someone called @joselitoalba...I forgot.

Click into this move.15...Bb5. Obviously this is a blunder, and stockfish points it out.

The funniest thing is, when I tried a sacrifice 16. Rxh7, it pops up this:

Wow. +0.57 is an alternative to +15.7. Stockfish must have very good math skills.


it's because it calculates (for example) 14 moves deep before white moves, and 14 moves deep after white moves. There's an extra move after you played Rxh7. That must be the game changer.


Hell yeah, 14 moves later the game would certainly be a changer.


Shrug. You never know.


I agree with SNUDOO lol

but yeah analysis should make it more clear on why it is an alternative