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amar opening

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    Black clearly underestimated the R+Q attack. It seems to me that some kind of defense for Black could be to sacrifice the queen against the rook ad end up with two rooks versus queen which is winning due to the plenty of additionnal pawns. But I didn't find anything convincing.


    I hope you realize that until 24...Ne5 ? (which is not great - it should be prepared by 24...Rb8 and then after 25...Ne5, the knight blocks the rook from moving), you are lost without any kind of counterplay ! You were just slaughtered in the opening !

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    there is a win for black. the computer played it on 20 minutes blitz. ive got a couple of games to post before that one. the greed of that computer rxc2 xb2 and a2. i must be in a bad position its still won for black objectively.

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    blacks best ignoring the rook at f1 but winning all ends up...


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