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Analysis Please!

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    I am fairly new to the openings and strategy of chess, so when I play against players who know at least on opening well, I have a hard time winning a game. I hope to get some analysis so that I might learn something from one of my games against my friend.

    Thank you in advance!!!! Smile

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    4. Nxe4 maybe?

    7. Now you've allowed the pin you should probably bring the bishop to b2 (otherwise why play b3?). You just replace the knight being pinned to the king with it being pinned to the queen and can't adequately defend it.

    17. b4?

    You're just moving your rook aimlessly at the end.

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    6. b3 weakens your knight on c3 and doesn't really achieve anything. Your bishop already has enough breathing room.

    15... Na6? 16. Bxc6+

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    recapture that pawn on move 4 with your knight.  You do NOT want a pawn that deep to become entrenched, it limits your ability to manuver both your pawns and your minor pieces.

    b3 does little except take the defense off your knight.  If you DO it, you are almost committed to play Bb2 next move, which is can be great long term but right now, it limits the bishop for a while. 

    8) Qd2 puts your queen under a pin with his bishop.  Put your bishop there instead.

    9) Bg2 ignores the building pressure of your opponent's attack, you should do *something* to defend the other side of the board.  His attack wins a piece after this.

    The queen trade favors you, bad pawns for your opponent after. 

    16) Rd1 seems better. Hard to explain, but that advanced pawn might someday need the support, the B pawn does not.

    17) b4?  His knight covers the square.  You give up a pawn and mess up your structure for nothing.

    24 Rxe seems more useful.  At this point in the game you are vulnerable to a back rank rook mate because the bishop blocks your king's escape out... be wary.

    27) you were not wary.  :)

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    Thank you for the feed back. I certainly welcome it.

    @ schockinn - That seems to be what everyone says. Right now I am simply hoping to learn from the mistakes in this one game. Thank you for the advice though. Smile

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    In the beginning of a game, if you see an open pawn, grab it right away especially in this game. A pawn that deep can be nuisance once reinforced. Also, the best way to get rid of pawns are other pawns which makes you play f3 ripping up your center forward once that's taken. I also view center pawns as the most valuable pawns in most situations so you deafinently have to take it if you have a chance. On move 8 what's with moving the queen up. That's just further pinning for now the king and the queen is pinned. B3 and G3 are bad moves also. Another tip, don't trade off queens when you are in a loosing position. You are down a knight and a good center pawn. Opponent center pawn is also clogging your middle, the most important part. The reason why most people plat middle pawns first is to gain center and you will have to waste time going around that pawn instead of charging up with rocks when everything is cleared up. Black made mistake of not reinforcing middle pawn with f5 which would really kill you for you wouldn't be able to remove it unless giving up material. Took a2 is also mistake, no future for rook over there. You also wasted a pawn there. Another thing is don't let opponent trade off your pieces if you are down on material. I the end game you also want to grab as many pawns as possible so why didn't yu take the pawn on move 25? Moving a3 move 25 is mistake, you need to get rid of blocking pawns first and push 2 steps, not one. What is purpose of rd7? Always ask yourself what is the future of the piece in that square or what is the goal of that piece on that square? You should have tried to take the black a pawn so you can promote. Usually side pawns promote so you should have tried to take the middle pawns and get them to promote. Anyways they are blocked too. Don't move too hastily and start by playing longer games so you have more time to see what opponent is doing.

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    that was a good game


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