Anyone else have this problem?


I always seem to find really strong moves in simple positions - and sometimes not so simple - AFTER I have finished a game.  Why can't I find these moves during the game?  A lot of the time they're not even that hard to spot.  Here's my latest example from a game a drew but probably should have won:



So how do I start letting myself see more OTB?  I never have a problem after the game is over, only during.  Tips?


it's normal for most mortals like us. it is called hindsight!


If this was a online game, then it's just a matter of methodology IMO.  It may be interesting to psychoanalyse why this happens, but it's not very useful.  What's useful is to examine the method you use to find, examine, and choose moves and change it to be more like your post game analysis.

So I'd suggest beginning your search with a static analysis.  Formulate in your mind who is better and why, and what each side probably hopes to accomplish.  In your diagram it's something as simple as "black hopes to use his majority to queen a pawn white watching for back rank mates" and for white "white hopes to push is passed pawn / blockade black's pawns"  At this point you may notice the mating pattern on h2 or maybe not.  If you that can be part of the verbalization.

Then make a list of more than 1 candidate move.  Notice you still haven't calculated even 1 move yet.  Even if one of the moves looks really good, examine your whole list before you choose the move to submit.

Be slow when playing your opponent's moves on the analysis board.  He will be trying to find the most frustrating reply to your move, so you should be doing the same.

That's my advice.  You can try for yourself to match it up with your post-analysis methods.  It may be a matter of simply relaxing and taking your time.