Beginner-analysis 5


Hey guys!

I don't think I made any big-time blunders in this game before the endgame.

But after having castled I didn't really know what to do or which strategy to follow. The opponent had +10 minutes left and I had +5 minutes left, so I felt I had to try something to win.

Because of the time pressure - and because of not being too experienced with endgames - I took a chance on 24., which was definitely wrong.

So, any suggestions to an idea after 15. (castled) and any advice in general?


4. Nxe5 was a possibility, perhaps better than giving his knight a chance to establish itself much. 18. Bxe6 probably weakened your light squares too much for the endgame. 22. b2 would've stopped his pawn storm right there without giving him a chance to penetrate with his rook. 24. Rxg4+ was most certainly a blunder. As you probably know. That's just practice, though. Missing that the knight was hanging (after bxa3) was another mistake. Finally, throwing away your last piece with 29. Rxg8 was not so hot. You probably shouldn't have taken that pawn anyway; it wasn't going anywhere, and the check allowed him to discover an attack on your rook, which was hanging, or the g2 pawn, which would be devastating considering his other rook on c2. The game had been lost a while ago, but that was the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.

Your idea of a sacrifice for the promotion of a pawn was definitely a good thought, it just so happened that in that case it wasn't optimal. Hope I helped! 


Doesn't 4.Nxe5 lose the b5 bishop ?



Thanks for your advice! Great with some points of views. As hicetnunc I couldn't really figure out the benefit of 4.Nxe5, but I think you were thinking about 4.Nxd4? Thanks for your other advice :)