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Beginner-analysis 6

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    Hey guys!

    Please give your feedback and advice on my moves in the game above.

    White could have mated me in the beginning, right? :)

    Thanks for your time in advance! :)

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    Yes. 3. ... Qxf7 is mate.  It has a name, scholar's mate. For some reason almost every beginner at chess takes it up.  But don't bother. Although you went wrong against the idea here you won't again and your idea of getting your pieces out rather than going for a quick win turns out to be the better idea. Just counter the mate (as, for example, by getting your king knight out first) and develop your pieces (with threats against the exposed queen when you can) and you will do well.

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    I would like to point out an idea that does come up some what often. After 18) Bxa7 this bishop is in danger of being trapped via b6. There are times that Bxb6 cxb6 will leave your king in danger but often this will win you a bishop for 2 pawns and is well worth it.

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    Yeah, the whole idea (at low level) of that opening seems to be a quick checkmate, he was handed it and then didn't deliver!

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    But, white made a few terrible mistakes through the game Qf3?? for one, 9. Nf3?? instead of Qxf5 which would have been a good use of the sac'ed bishop earlier, 15. Be3?? rather than Nxh8 which would have had him up, also 23. Bc1?? better would have been 23. Bf2 delaying the mate.

    Blacks issues:

    As stated before, 3...Nf6?? was odd at that point, 3...g3 would have been better.  And obviously the 13...0-0-0?? was a mistake but it payed off with whites blunder at 15. Be3. Otherwise, I've no major complaints with Black's game. A few moves could have been sharper but all-in-all a well'ish played game by black after given a second chance past the scholar's mate.

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    Great - thanks for your advice!


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