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Beginner game where I am up 12 points in material and lose!

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    On move 47, instead of Na3+ you should have played Bf3 guarding the a8 promotion square, and when he queens take it with your bishop. After that, you would have been up a knight and 2 pawns, and on your way to victory. Well done in the middle-game however, taking advantage of your opponents blunders.

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    I should have just taken that damn pawn on move 30!.. I shouldnt have tied up my rook protecting that square for so long!

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    In my games, the number of moves I "should" have made are mind numbing:):):)


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    Jeez, that was kinda depressing (I feel your pain).  Btw 42... Rc8+ mates next move.

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    11. b4?? made me cry.

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    yes, very depressing, have to hand it to him though, he turned it around nicely..

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    i couldnt stop laughing at how bad this game was lol whats the rating here?? 800s :S

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    well i think im okay after only 20 games of chess in my life

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    yea this is only my 22nd game also :p

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    we all start somewhere, this is where i am after a month, see me in a year ;)

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    Well, QuTuck, on the plus side at least you're keeping some yoyo in stitches... Undecided

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    thats life haha keep the yoyos busy laughing when your busy improving ;)

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    Yep, then someday maybe you can make them choke on their chuckles. Smile

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    i cant wait to see that haha :) When you have the ability to become anywhere near me then we shall talk :p

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    i am yet to lose on this site.... not that any of my opponents have been of good quality lol :D:D

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    Eopithecus wrote:

    There are better moves than just pointless checks. Checks aren't the object of the game. When up at least a piece Trade trade trade. You will win from simply from attrition. You don't get extra points by trying to win quick or brilliantly just win the game. In this case your opponent didn't do a thing, you lost because you tried to mate so you out thought yourself.

    There is a quick mate after 21. Kf2 Qh2+ 22. Ke3 Qe2++ or 22. Kf1 Bh3+ 23. Ke1 Qg1++

    i do tend to check a lot to avoid trading, sometimes it gets me out of losing positions! i will definitely try and quell the urge next time! thank you for your input

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    it is good advice, i must work on my endgame also, its terrible

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    Thakn you lisa : ) I appreciate it

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