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Blunder, and loss. Was it the cause?

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    Hi, here's another game I lost, and I'm trying to figure out what exactly happened. The blunder, of course, played a big part in it. I'm black.

    I basically stated the reasons I lost in the game, but would like further feedback. There are a couple of questions in the diagram. 

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    "I didn't actually realize he was attacking my rook." Why not?

    12...c6 may have been better for you. 

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    the theory on the closed ruy goes 5.. Be7, indirectly defending by closing the e-file. 6 Bxc6 dxc6 Nxe5 Nxe4 is completely safe.

    as played i think that Bxf2+ is actually a huge mistake in these kinds of positions. white gets a strong center, open file for the rook and great piece activity. after that, well, life sucks.

    this bullet game is an example of what i mean - it's surprisingly hard to find improvements for black (actually engine says that black is already lost after 9.. d6 - about +3.5 score)

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    I'm curious why Black didn't play 6.Nxe4 ?  Your 5.b5 move deflected White's bishop from attacking your defender of e5, and so that was your window to take on e4. 

    8.Bxf2+ was a disastrous blunder, since Black had just sacrificed an active bishop for no compensation.

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    Samir, the reason I didn't play I didn't play Nxe4 is because after white plays Re1, he wins the pawn back, with what seems like better development to me.

    8.) Bxf2 was not a disastrous blunder because I would have lost material anyways, with white forking the knight and bishop with his pawn.

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    Ben, I'm with you on your first point.  You're right about the awkward development after 6.Nxe4.  However, there had to have been a way to preserve your material.  I don't think the bishop sac was necessary.  

    Let's say we allow the fork to happen.  You start off a piece up after 8.Nxe5, but return the piece immediately after White recaptures whatever piece you leave behind.  

    For example:  

    8.Nxe5 , 9.d4 Bd6 , 10.dxe5 Bxe5

    There's no material loss.


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