Bot analyse

Hi everyone, I sometimes misunderstand the bot analyse maybe it's because I'm 800 elo but I found the following suggestion very weird : 1. e4 e6 2. Nf3 f6 3. d4 c6 4. e5 f5 5. Bf4 h6 6. Bd3 g5 7. Bd2 Na6 8. h4 The bot tells me that h4 is a mistake and I should played Nh4 instead and predict the following move : 8. Nh4 Qb6 9. Ng6 Rh7 10. 0-0 Nb4 I can't understand why it proposed me to play Nh4 because my opponent can simply play 5xh4 if I do that. Can someone help me to understand the suggestion?
Hi you, I from VN. I have read your suggestion. at the 8th step Nh4 is greater than h4 because this step is use for breaking into enemy’s royal. if your enemy go with 5xh4, you can go: 9.Qh5 Ke2. 10.Ba6 and you menace that your black bishop can go to b4 for a mate. And if at 8th step, you use h4, that does not have any meaning!

Oh okay I got it, thank you for taking time to answer :)