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Can you point out some flaws in my game

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    The game i am sharing today is 10 mins game, which comes under blitz category. Please idenify my weak moves.





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    lol, but surely 1st move is not mistake as it is a book move Tongue out

    But if I have to do it with computer then what is the use of this group? How do you people help each other then?

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    You played a fairly fine game. And only towards end there were some weaker moves. I think you should have pushed c-pawn earlier around 23-24th move followed by c4 when allowed say 29...c4 . 30....Be8 seems too passive may be Kf7 better. 32...a5 is suspect may be you can try c4 there. So you slipped around 29 - 32 move otherwise a good game. Your opponent also played very well.


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