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closed Sicilian game. Any advice greatly welcomed.

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    I was thinking of playing 13. hxg4 in the game but didn't for some stupid reason! I didn't see that Qxb6 would come with check, thus giving black time to win the en prix Knight. I still died with dignity in this game I feel. I maybe would of won if i didn't blunder my 13th move. 
    Often when I loose it's because of overlooking a tactic so I'm trying to come up with a way to scan for them all by asking relevant questions. Before move 13 it should of been: ok i have a piece en prix, can he take the attacking pawn with check? 
    If I would of played 13. hxg4 I would of had nice activity on the b file, and black would not of been able to mount enough pressure on the h2 square or the h file in time, since I would have had the nice f3 knight guarding h2, and the lead in development. 
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    22.Rxb5 cxb5 23.Rc1 Qxc1 24.Nxc1 would have been interesting and probably winning for you. 25.Rxb5 or 25.Rxc6 Bxc6 26.Qxc6+ would also have given you good chances. Look out for those tactics especially when the enemy king is open like here and you have moves with check! Lots of stuff in this game, Bxc6 was probably a poor choice I would go d4 I think - at least wait until black plays a6 before Bxc6. No need to do it unprovoked. There was also 20.fxe6 en passent capture. As you say allowing your knight to be lost was a mistake but after that you still managed to create a good amount (and indeed winning IMO if you had been accurate) of counterplay so some good play there.

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    I will be honest with you and you won't like it.If you want , stop reading and block me.








         Good news , you play long time control games and you analyse your defeats.

        Bad news.You miss even simple things.You opponent wa giving away material for free like it was Black Friday and you didn't take it.I don't get it.When your opponent sacrifices a pawn the first to think is take it and you examine the compensation (if any).In this case he was giving free pawns , and you didn't take them.Why?I assume you were afraid a k-side attack.How will he attack with all his pieces either badly placed or undeveloped.So the bluff attack he did  worked.Because you made it work.

        Then you missed en passant , you missed a free bishop( I assume because you didn't see that c6 was pinned) , and you missed an easy and very simple to see win ( I assume because you didn't bother to examine the position with his pinned bishop).

        And it was a 30 min game.Where did you spend your time?What were you thinking?This is a game that could be ok for a 1200 player but for a 1600+ player the mistakes are inexcusable.I was thinking of looking at your other games , find a good one that will give me the excuse to say something nice(like that you are talented ) but I won't.If you want to improve you must first realise how serious your mistakes were(we have all done mistakes like these and we  had to fix them to improve)

         Your thinking has no system.

         Free material is the first to examine.Don't let your opponent get away with blunders or unsound sacrifices.Examine if he indeed has compensation or attack.In your game it was quite obvious that there was no attack.

         Pinned pawns and pieces often protect something that can be captured and allow either gain of material or tactics.

    And don't forget en passant. 

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       I didn't say you are bad , I said that game was bad.

    Maybe you were in a bad day , it happens to all of us.

    As for your thinking system , if I'm wrong I apologise.

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    Your 30th move, Bb6 was turning the table and instantly winning. 

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    Didn't get very far, but wanted to add that 9. a3 is a fairly serious thought process error.  Black's only real chance to get play is to play c4, so your idea of a3 & b4 is just besides the point.  9. a3 c4 10 d4 and you still have edge, but you are not getting any value from a3 either.  9. a4 doesn't end up yielding value either after 9. a4 c4 10 d4 e6 11. be3 and white is doing fine but a4/a5 looks besides the point.  So where are the plays?  One idea is b3...its a little odd looking, but it shuts down black's idea to get counterplay, giving white time to rip the queenside open subsequently.  Stockfish confirms a big advantage.  Another idea is f5, which makes it hard for black to finish developing in a coherent fashion.  Stockfish again shows a big advantage.  Anyway, my main point here is that a3 was an illusory move, that ignores black's plan, and actually has no benefit if you understand what black will do.

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     yes, looking back at it only God knows why I didn't see c4 as an obvious way for black to put pressure on d3! a3 was cripplingly bad! I sensed that my opponent wanted to harass the d3 square with his bishop by putting it on a6 earlier, so his c4 resource should of been on my mind. I guess this game is one for the comedy books! 

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    18. Be3 looks nearly winning for white.

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    I didn't think a3 was bad. I thought h3 was bad.


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