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Computer 2 medium

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    Do you think that this computer was going too easy??? I have beaten it several times but it has never been this easy. Sorry I must have missed the last move while copying the file but if you cant guess what it is then you dont belong on this site lol.

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    yeah, but what time was it?

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    It was 10/10 timing

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    so it is possible to play against this computer and be the first one making an incorrect sacrifice

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    Ya I saw a guy do it in a game the other day and he did pretty well. I thought I would give it a go against the computer. Didnt really like being down a piece though. Your opponent not being able to castle isnt enough compansation. Do you think the computer was a bit easy for medium though???

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    Ya thats true. Computer one is even worse. I beat that thing when I was still learning how the pieces moved lol

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    Nice job signore!


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