Computer Analysis is CR*P!!!

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    Wow! Sebast, I thank you for your huge and generous compliments. I am quite speechless. This is not what it was like at the beginning of this forum topic at all, and frankly, I never even knew you before this comment.

    I am not a master by any means, but my understanding of chess may be at master level. (Or it may not.) I'm just not a good player for someone with my knowledge. But for you to say all this, ... wow!

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    I stumbled across this article by accident, and have enjoyed reading the comments of what can only be descrided as the senior players. I am fairly new to, and not sure whether I can add my own comments. Being of, shall we say , advanced years, I not so up to date on all this tecnology.  However I was looking forward to submitting a game I am playing at the moment to computer analysis, but now I'm not so sure. The game in question is my attack on a kings fianchetto defence, (Lasker-Euwe 1923) inspired.  The early moves are 1 P-Q4,Kt-KB3,. 2 Kt-kB3, PKK3,. 3 B-B4,B-KK3,.4 Q-B1., whites plan to prevent O-O, owing to the threat B-R6. I will be interested to see what analysis makes of this rarely used opening..

    Sorry about the deleted comment above, as I said I'm new to all this tecnology, and only joined, because the small club I use to play at has closed due to an ageing membership.

    Thankyou for your time


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    Hi, William. No one can say what the computer analysis will bring until you try it. Main thing is do not believe it! You cannot count on its judgement.

    It may bring out some tactic or move that you did not think about before, but still you must examine it on your own. It's number that say who is winning and by how much is almost worthless. Also, it may be correct with what it feels are the best moves or it may not be correct. Your judgement is necessary and probably better, at least a percentage in each game analysis.

    As for your Lasker-Euwe game, I never seen it before. It looks worthy to try, IMHO. I just would never get to try it because I rarely play d4 and much less Nf3 and even less Bf4. But I do play the Black side often and wonder what I should do against White.

    Anyway, thank you for commenting and posting. It is sad what happened to your chess club. I believe same thing will happen to most bridge clubs in the next decade or so. All the new bridge players prefer the Internet. When the present bridge population dies out, there will be no next generation.

    But I think bridge and chess will live long on the Internet. And a few of the new Internet games, but just a few. Most have no inherent long lasting playability. Anyway, welcome to Internet chess! It is the future of chess!

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    You cosplay...

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    I would suggest a refund but I play for free. So you did not hear this from me. If you name me i will say we never met

    Which is true.

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