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Did I miss a win?

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    Lavandula123 wrote:

    I fought every step of this contest, under pressure from the beginning, playing someone with a higher ranking  and better game.  As the net tightened around me, I saw for a fleeting moment an opportunity to escape, sieze the game, and claim victory.  But I didn't take it.  Would move 25 bishop to g7 have swung the match in my favour?  Please post your thoughts, I will really appreciate the feedback.


    Opening mistake or not, you were still alive. So about Bb7 you asked about: your opponent played Qc3, which is a big mistake, which you could have taken advantage of. After 25. ... Bb7, Qb3 doesent work(26. ... Qxa5, and if 26. Qa3, then 26. ... Bxb2 wins. At worst you would have been up a piece for two pawns. And with that position the worst that could happen was a draw.

    Good principle in chess: make the position as wild as possible when you are losing


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    Frankiebones7983 wrote:

    Here is my analysis of your game.


    Thanks, enjoyed looking at the alternative moves.

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    Thanks to all for your posts, learned a lot which is what this was about.  Much appreciated.


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