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Draw or Continue to Fight?

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    blueemu wrote:
    Timothy_P wrote:

    Yep, that is mate . Good call! Any comments on the rest of the game?

    A few.

    1. ... Nc6 is not a good reply to White's first move 1. Nf3... unless you are good at playing the Chigorin defense to the Queen's Gambit, since White can almost force that line by replying 2. d4

    Check out this demolishion of a 1963-rated player in fifteen moves:



    In your game, the opening transposed to a sort-of Ruy Lopez. I would have answered White's 7. Bxc6 with bxc6 rather than your Bxc6. The doubled Pawn isn't much of a handicap, and it gives you extra influence in the center.

    I think you were losing around move 20, but White's 25th move was a real lemon, after which you were now winning.

    Interesting, I thought development was better than bxc6. Yeah, him taking the knight was definitely a blunder.

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    This post didn't go through :(

    Thank you all!

    JMB - that was indeed a blunder, but I didn't call him on it.

    AndyClifton - duly noted.

    PlAVIN - ok


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