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eliminate blunders

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    Eliminate blunders

    Before the game

    1.    Warm up before the game E.G 10-15 simple tactical puzzles, visualization (openings/games that I have won.

    2.    Focus on chess during the game and before the game, everything else can wait till after the game.  

    Opening stage

    3.    Avoid tactical opening when you opponent is better prepared I can tell this because he moves quickly, he uses different variations/openings.

    Middle game

    4.    Keep track off my opponents plans, think about opponents plans before mine.

    5.    Anti blunder check, ask myself what attacking and forcing moves can my opponent play, especially when on opponents side of the bored.

    6.    Grasp the initiative. A defender blunders more often then an attacker, in certain positions you should strive for activity not material.

    Endgame/time pressure

    7.    When short of time, simplify the position, avoid tactical implications.


    8.    Solve tactical puzzles from the other side off the bored, means that I am able to find my opponents threats.


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    Thanks those are helpful pointers.  I'm currently suffering from a bad case of blunderitus.

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    And.......? I think u have to play the game no matter how u prepare. Your opponent will prepare his way and the game will give each it's own set of problems. Your method seems  good, Thks.

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