Endgame Q: Bishop+Knight Mate // Wrong Colored Bishop draw?

PineappleBird wrote:
JamesColeman wrote:

Even as late as move 65, it’s not totally obvious how you would avoid needing the B + N mate if he simply plays …Ba8 and then waits with either…Bb7 or even …Bg2/…Bh1 at any juncture when you’re not able to shut the B out with Nd5.

That said you’d be getting a favourable starting position for the B and N mate with his king already on the edge, so some of the work is already done.

Ah! Thank you bro..

So you're saying basically with perfect play he could wait with Ba8-Bb7 and there is no way to avoid the B+N ending after he sacs?... (For example, reaching a position like what I was aiming comment #13, is impossible?)

Yes I don’t think there’s a way as long as the white pawn is back on c5 - for example if you look at that position WITHOUT your bishop it can be seen it’s an easy draw, no way to get the pawn going without him being able to sac. So I think with the bishop it’s winning only because of the B + N mate. I’m not 100% sure but that would be my strong assumption. 

I haven’t checked with an engine but if the engine wants to win with the B and N mate that would be pretty conclusive as if there was a way to promote the pawn then that would presumably be much quicker and the computer would most likely be opting for that instead.