Fritz 13 for analysis


I don't have Fritz at all, but from my past experience it is better to analyze by yourself without the computer, and than analyze with the computer. 

This method:

-Shows how you think, and can help correct this

-Shows how you analyze, and how you can avoid making the mistake.

-Of course, it shows you the blunders, inaccuracies, etc made by you and your opponent.

Sorry I wasn't able to help with the technical stuff.


lol.....I have the Fritz package cos I play on

Yes I think I will start to use computer analysed games.

Cheers for the replies.....


The ONLY way to improve is analysing all your games , won, lost or drawn, as extensively as possible, WITHOUT ANY ENGINE AID.

Only after you have analysed them by yourself and made a few conclusions (right or wrong, does not matter at that stage) you can consult a master, or an engine for proofing of your ideas.

Pfren, I think this is really good advice. I've just realised that I rigorously analyse each game with Fritz, but I don''t really take in the results and learn from them. What is the best way to analyse your own games if doing it without computer help? Thanks John

In fritz 12 there is a menu called "analysis".You choose this menu,then the option "full analysis" and a window with options opens.You choose the time you want for the analysis and wait until the game is analysed.After that you can save the game with the annotation.