Game against David Pruess


here is a game against david pruess, which I, for sure, lost totally and I would like u guys to analyze it...(I just found it while looking at my archive xD)

and even though its analyzed by me, I would like for u guys to analyze it also


Not bad - the reason he wasn't taking the rook, I assume, is because in that position his knight is actually much more active and threatening than your rook cramped up on f7.


No one else?


I agree with gabrielconrey. White had very active knight. Perhaps white has planed other tasks for his knight and he didn't want give up them. Usually, it's better to keep on threats (and try to benefit with them) than actualize one of them. This means on this position that the capture 18. Nxf7 isn't the best way for white to continue his game. Better way is attack on queen side.


I don't like 5...Nc6. I would play c5 and then Nc6.