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Game fully annotated for beginners and intermediate to understand

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    bladezii wrote:

    Once you download the file, you can right click on the file and choose "Open With"  select chessbase light as the program to open it with.


    So you are saying that I need ANOTHER program to download the file? Okey, HOW? :PP

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    Thank you for your notes, it is a very nice game. To me is more important the comments on the game that the concrete variations, so I understand the thinking process.

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    not received or perceived as condescending. Helping someone understand is...helpful. You did work to instruct and edify. thanks. 

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    Good job with the game and comments. Like Claridad93 said, the thinking process is very important in understanding the flow of a game. With all the strong engines out these days , we can find all the best moves to any game.

    Once again, thanks and post some more :)

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    Best annotation I've ever seen. Really cool to see high level game.

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    very impressive!!. Reminds me of the way larsen annotates his games. You should make alot of this kind of annotiated games of yours dude.

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    Ignore all trolls!  Your response was right on, and not condescending at all. Frankly, I wish more games were so well annotated- most are a bit too abstruce for average players to learn from.  Thanks much for your effort!  I also  appreciate irontiger's thoughts- the debate helps a lot...

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    is it posible to get a pgn of this game. i would like to add it to my database. thank you.


    ive tried searching dhlc database but no luck

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    Why the player is banned? Where else can i find more annotate games like this?

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    It's quite uncommon for chess.com users to annotate their games at all before positng them, despite the excellent tools the site offers. You'll hardly find any annotated games even at the "Game Analysis" forum. Sad but true.

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