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Great way to play against e4......VERY instructive game that I played.

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    ZebraGang wrote:
    LeonSKennedy992 wrote:
    Strangemover wrote:

    I agree that this kind of play is a good style for people learning. Regardless of potential lines where white is better it shows that in practical chess initiative and activity can compensate fully for material deficit and can indeed prove more important. Although i see nothing wrong with also playing Sicilian or French as there are also aggressive and sacrificial variations within those openings. Anyway, if you gambit a pawn you are obliged to play for the attack which is good for learning IMO.

    I agree, but the modern scandinavian gambit is hardly a gambit. Black gets a lot of activity for the pawn. But yes, it is an aggressive defense. Great for beginners.

    HAHAHA, its an aggressive defense. What a smart stupid answer. Do you mean counter attack?

    The scandinavian is an aggressive defense.  Black counters the center immediately.  Not to mention evacuates the queen from her home...immediately.  Please stop acting like a baby.

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    Isn't activating the queen something you're not to told to do when you were a beginner? Besides, you play the c6 gambit which doesn't bring the queen out. If you use an engine which you always do for some reason you'll see after ten moves with best play from each side white gets +1 advantage by playing simple developing moves 


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