Has My oponnent rightly taken the draw ?


Yesterday I played an OTB game at our chess club tournament. I had the white peaces .

The game ended in a draw after I claimed the drawn and later my oponnent agreed to the draw. Did he make the right decision or could he play for the win ?  Let see what was played in the game. I was happy for the draw as I played against a higher rated player and had no plans how to start an attack .

I have analysed my game and I hope you like it. What do you think about the game and the ending position ?I would be glad to read your comments Wink



I dont think eather of you needed to offer a draw. The game could still tip eather way. There is plenty of time for error on both sides. 




hmmz Undecidedlets give it some thought

Black's options (if trying to win)

  1. Sac a Rook or the Queen --> Resulting position White is better (tiny bit)
  2. Sac the c- and b- pawn   --> Resulting position White is better
  3. Sac the f-pawn (and if allowed g-pawn) --> Resulting position White is better
  4. Wait till the opponent goes the toilet, then lock him/her in the toilet  make a random move, keep the oponent away from the board at all costs --> Result Black wins on time

The only option black has to win, seems to be the 17th piece. Otherwise it's pretty drawn.