Help on a (somewhat) positional game


For me at least, this game felt a lot more positional that I was comfortable with and I would like some help trying to figure out how to improve my game.

And I know that the queen's pawn opening is generally fairly positional, but I usually don't get into closed games with it. I guess I can attribute this to a low ranking, but since this is a system I want to continue using I wish to get better at the positional aspect.

I attempted some annotation of my own, but it isn't all that good.

Also I would like to note that up until move 35, I felt like the game was even, but then my opponent made a tactical error and then followed it by the fatal 44... Rg6.


Don't worry about rather Queens pawn is positional.  There are plenty of dynamic openings starting 1.d4.  I liked the pawn trade in the begining.  Once you traded those pawns many of the possible trickly lines involving the budapest gambit are gone.

Here are a few improvements I think you could have played.


11.b5 Na5 12.c4  You have 2 bishops here and should be trying to open up the position.