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HIARCS at 750?

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    I've been playing Sigma Chess against HIARCS, and for some reason it does not seem to be scaling down very accurately. The game crushes me when it's set on Max level, but it also crushes me when it's set on lowest level. Maybe I'm a terrible chess player? But I don't think I should be destroyed by the game when it is set on a rating of 750.

    I would appreciate if someone could tell me if it seems like the machine is playing at 750, or much higher in this game. Also, I haven't the slightest clue what my rating is, so let me know if I'm really just not any good.


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    Have you tried playing the Sigma Chess engine at 750?  I've played it around 1300 and it seems to scale fairly well.

    But to strictly answer your questions, I would say that black is playing above a 750 rating.  Normally engines playing that low will make a lot of waiting moves and intentionally drop some material here and there.

    Just my $0.02

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    Judging from your tone, it seems like you don't believe black was playing a whole lot higher than the 750 rating it claimed to have. I feel like if it claimed to be 750 but actually played at 2500, someone here would have noticed and said something about it. 

    The Sigma engine that I've been playing with only goes down to 1200. 

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    Yeah played pretty solidly, definitely more so than a 750, who would just hang pieces. Move 35 for example I don't think would be so obvious to a 750 player.

    Play some games here, but you'd break 1000 live and 1200 online almost certainly.

    You gave up your central control, sacked a few pawns you didn't need to, and did a few cheap one move threats which left your pieces uncoordinated but I've certainly played worse on live.

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    Thanks Scott. Can anyone tell me specifically at what point in the game I gave up central control? 

    I know my attacks against black were fairly cheap. I think one of my weakest points right now is an awkward transition from the opening into a middle game - I'm not quite sure what to do with my opening, or how to begin moving against the enemy after I've set up my pieces.  


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