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how could a DRAW be a Victory? and for who?

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    I offered a draw, he accepted. Was I wrong? I thought he had a better position.

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    Didn't look deeply into the position but I did spend 3 or 4 minutes on it which should be enough to offer something useful for you..

    After 39. Bc5 I think Black had some good chances.  Your King and e6-Rook could protect your e5 pawn while your other Rook was free to 1)answer and make threats on kingside 2)support a queenside pawnstorm which should produce a protected passed pawn(if executed with patience).

    But..  39. ..d3? produced an UN-protected passed pawn with no plan to how you would support it and no other threats were set up before hand that you could attack when White uses time to capture the d3 pawn.

    In the final position White's King was coming to e3 spelling inevitable doom for your kamikaze d3 pawn.  A draw was probably a wise move if you were looking to save rating points(which I respect btw).

    On the other hand every ending you play builds your strength and experience.

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    You won...

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    Black has excellent chances, but the position will not win itself. I would have strongly recommended playing it out as the practice would have been well worth it.

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    My first thought was that Black was certainly ahead. But looking a little closer, I think I've changed my mind. I think White is slightly better after all because of the trouble Black will have advancing his pawns. In any case, unless there was money on the line, it should have been played out.

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    I think black has better winning chances here.  With good play, if anyone's winning this, it's black with all his promotion threats (especially those two outside connectors!).  If black can trade white's two pawns away, even at the cost of all of his pawns, then a draw is the best white can hope for.  I would not have offered a draw here unless I was in a hurry for some reason.

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