How I defeat my coach!

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    Nice win! 8...Ng4 was the real stinker though, and the follow-up with Rxe3 made it even worse. Instead black is perfectly fine after 8...Be6.

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    gg!! That was a nice lesson you gave him! ;)

    I imagine you lecturing him afterwards with a pompous style about how in the opening one of the most basic principles is quick developement of the pieces and why it's not wise to go on the offensive so early, with all your queenside undeveloped... :D lol

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    JoseO wrote:

    You should tell him that you are available for lessons should he need any :)


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    Ne5 deserves its exclamation mark.  Well played.  :)

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    He made you a very strong player : he is a good coach Smile

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    very nice game. your moves was so great . In my opinion ,NB5 is the most beautiful move to defeat your coach.

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    I thought you would've accepted the Budapest Gambit! 

    But nice game, you sure did learn something from your coach. Smile

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