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How to get Rybka vs Houdini to play more than 6 games?

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    I own license to Deep Rybka 4, I downloaded Houdini 1.5 from the internet.

    I open the engine match dialog, and I tell it to play a 50 game match, with a blitz time control, from a certain position, yadda yadda.

    But it stops after 6 games!

    What gives?

  • #2

    Maybe they agreed the match drawn Wink

  • #3

    Which GUI? In Arena there are no such issues.

  • #4

    It's the Rybka GUI. It looks a little bit like a Chessbase-designed wrapper on Rybka, but I can't say for sure.

  • #5

    Try Arena, it's really good. Not having Rybka myself.

  • #6

    Alcohol may be needed.

  • #7

    The chessbase UCI wrapper has a few issues.

  • #8

    OK Thanks.

  • #9

    Yes, I think this is a ChessBase UCI wrapper issue. It runs 6 games, even if I say to run just 2.

  • #10

    Sorry. I had to offer a draw.

  • #11

    FYI, this problem was worked around.

    If I edit the number of games to be played directly, then the value is not used. But if I use the up arrow/down arrows to edit the number, the correct value is used.

    Good times.


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