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How to Play: Endgame Rooks & Pawns

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    I reached this position OTB today. Draw offer was declined. I was lost as to how to devise a plan in this equal end game.  As white, the main concept I struggled with was:  Do I move my king inside the pawn formation or swing outside and head towards the isolated pawns on the rim?  

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    oh, just swing the pawns forward, plug in f4 if u want, and PROTECT ALL YOUR PAWNS, and it should be draw. keep a rook in row with your king, so checks wont lead to more unneccesary things, and if he offers u a rook trade, dont take it unless u see it can be simplified down to a more drawish position. I often find 2 rooks v 2 rooks will more or less be traded to one rook, where the game can become unstable! Which is when u need to learn your end games. I know none of that. But as for a plan, just play passively, then it will get quite open and you will need to carefully weave your way through (general judgement, every game is different)

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    at this stage, u cant really plan DEEP, so the GENERAL plan is to create a blockade and activate ur king a little more, more towards the centre maybe? u want your king close to your pawns too though, so f3 might be a good spot for it, i mean, it cant really go anywhere yet. You DONT want it in like h4 though, thats far away and wont be doing anything after h6

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    even Kg5 is relatively pointless, so king more active, double your rooks, and just play waiting moves if at loss of nothing to do (move rook up and down, offer draw)

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    if you dont push the a pawn and swap rooks, keeping the rook on the 2nd row looks good to stop his rook coming down, however, if he starts to push a5 a4 a3, then your going to have to do something; either push the a pawn yourself, or move your rook forward to ready an a pawn push (otherwise you may end up with the rook behind your a pawn, less active than his rook attacking your a pawn from across horizontally)

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    I think trying to break into the 7th is a good idea here. One of those rooks may have to babysit a6 for a while.

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     Thanks for all the good advice. I'm going to play through it some more.  In the actual game, we did end up trading off one Rook and the position changed to this:

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    your not allowed advice in an actual game haha, but... actually no buts, you should finish it off before u ask for help; aka POST game review.

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    Well it's pretty much a draw here. You should get your rooks in a more advantaged position.

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    The game was OTB and long over before my first post.  

    These two end games positions were the only thing of particular interest.

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    oh right k sorry


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