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How to win in bullet.

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    If you want to win in bullet (1 min chess) you have to do these fowlling things.


    1. Win on time always make moves that make them think so they lose on time such as...They will have to STOP moving there piece and lose sometime.


    2. Premove or no premove. I would say to use premove just not very often, especially in the middle game. If they do somthing on the first example. you premove it. well you just lost your queen. They may lose a few seconds because there like oh your dumb.

    3. Crazy moves for time. Let say the guy has 2 secs and you have 5 secs the other dude has alot more material then you, Make a wacky move PUTTING THEM IN CHECK then they lose on time (in most cases)


    hope you win :D

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    If you want to win in bullet, premove. Play positionally. Always stay ahead on time, while making as little material concessions as possible. The moves to make them think don't have to result in your favor. If you can make them stop twice and think for 10 seconds each, about how they'd come out ahead materially with tactical exchanges, you will probably win on time, even if you lose a piece each time. If you keep most of your pawn structure around your king intact and have your major pieces left, you'll have time on your side. I lost my two most recent bullet games with a quite a material and a positional advantage. It was actually rather aggravating.

    I could probably get better at it, but to me it isn't chess. You could make all of the men equal value like checkers and play to capture them all to win, but with a timer set up the way it is, the loser in the chessic sense can still win. Absurd if you ask me...

    I think an interesting twist to blitz would be, if the timer ended the game, there should be a differential calculated in terms of position and material score (like an engine evaluation of advantage...I am aware of the positional inadequacies of most engines, it would still be better than now), versus the time difference to determine the winner.This is similar to the way letter values are subtracted in scrabble at the end. A per move max time would help to prevent stalling once an advantage is achieved. In fact, penalty time could be added to your opponent for stalling to make it interesting. It would help put chess back in bullet and faster blitz time settings.

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    You may want to play blitz first then bullet to get adusted from your usally 10 or 30 min game

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    also renember to - when you just got started your 1200 if you win somewhere around the same level you get like 300 points lose= -300 so play lots of un-rated games first

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    premove all the obvious responses and whenever it's safe enough to do so

    be lucky (bring a rabbit's foot)


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    Good i dea Also i forgott that-let them trade pieces becasue in most cases they will lose time

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    if your a knight or a bichop up. but 7 secs or less on time depending how far you are in the games make more time sacs

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    not like q sac but pawns and stuff

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    I think the reason som people play bullet is because its the fastest way to becoume a titled player


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