I accepted a draw in a winning position?


In the last round of my first tournament, I lost the exchange pretty early in the game (I got B+P for a R). I had to give it up since I would get mated otherwise. I continued to fight on for a draw. I managed to reach an endgame, which even though I was down material my opponent didn't play very well and let me reach a winning position, with a passed pawn far advanced. I accepted a draw since I wasn't 100% sure of the win (I didn't have much time on the clock and I knew a slight inaccuracy might prove fatal so I accepted the repetition).


50. Kc4 looks winning easily? Rf4 and Kc5.

If instead Rb3, promotes, and the white king stops the pawn.


50. Kc4 is simply lethal, with the idea Bb4 covering the b-file.

50...Rb3 51. Bb4; 50...Rf4+ 51. Kb5 Rb1 52. Kxa4 Ra1+ 53. Kb5 Rb1+ 54. Bb4; even 50...a3 51. Bxa3 (of course just b8=Q is good) wins quickly.

A pity to have drawn this, it's an easy pattern. I might look at the rest of the game in more detail in the next few days.


Oh yeah, Bb4 is much better. But even just a bishop up, white should be able to gain the opposition and infiltrate.