I think I figured something out.


My first instinct was to ask if you were talking about playing on a two second increment or something where you lose on time if you try to engage in organized thought.

Although, true this observation is not useful.聽

In time pressure, not putting your king and a rook on the same color square to avoid forks is a more useful observation. The observations about bishops only being on one color have names: wrong rook pawn, bishops of opposite color, ect. The observation that a zigzag pattern is just as short as a straight line for a king is another important one, and it is freaky and counter intuitive.


Oh yeah, I just got my 10,000 blitz games award.

Pretty much all I've ever played is 3|0.

I've been told not to do that as relative beginner, but... it's the hardest of all time controls from my experience. And that makes it addictive.聽


3|0's just brutal. There's no time for chatting like in longer games, and no room for playing silly like in shorter games. Might have something to do with the player pool too.