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IHSA State Meet Round 2

  • #1

    Here is round 2 of the state tournament.

    0 and 2 now unfortunately, but I eventually come back and have a winning record.

  • #2

    Why didn't you just take the h2 pawn? on move 64?

  • #3

    I was still hoping for a stalemate, so if he had a queen it would be more likely to happen.

  • #4

    A very tough game!  I've looked at this for a while, and the only thing I can suggest is 44 f3.  Now your knight has been bolstered and you're ready to swing your queen into action via f2-h4.  Also if Black tries 44... b5 you have 45 Rb2.  It's still very complicated...but anyway, that seems fairly promising to me.


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