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Interesting Live Chess game

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    That's a game I was observing today (Live Chess). A player (let him be anonymous) won with our Computer3-HARD in a 5' blitz game. Thoughts? :)


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    That's an intense attack.  Well done, mystery player!
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    nice :)


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    How would it end?
  • #5
    i no it doesnt finish
  • #6
    Why did Black resign?
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    Damn, white is gooood!
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    Although I know it is book, I never play that line as Black in the two knights variation.

    After 4. h3 Bxf3 White has the two bishops, but Black is fine with the pawn chain on the light squares.

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    I don't understand why on move 48 black didn't play 48. ...Kxe7. Anyone able to clarify?

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    m74m2008 because 48. ...Kxe7 49. Rh7+ 49... Kf6 (enything else = white mates in one or two moves)  50. Qe5+ 50... Kg2 (only possible place) 51. Rg7+ 51... Kh6 (again forced) 52. Qg5 mates

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    Thank you much for that quick explanation. I was pretty sure that there was a continuation for White that resulted in mate, but I'm not very good at seeing that sort of thing, even in analysis.


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