iqp game


well with some luck and trying to play moves thematic for iqppositions pushing the dpawn when i can  to get space and stuff like that i some how won, but i dont know how to react to this Bb5 which seems to be a very usual move against the iqp in practice


The most important pieces in an IQP are the rooks.  It's critical that you get them active so that you can take advantage of the e and c files.  Because of that, you want your queen on the e file with your rooks on the d and c files.  So Qe7 would be a nice move at some point early on.  It seems white didn't bother developing his rooks, instead letting his dark bishop and rook languish unused, so you got away with it.  But you should note that there are some deadly pins possible when you queen, not your rook, is backing up the IQP.


As for how to react to Bb5, what's wrong with ...Bd7?  Since White hasn't taken the c pawn yet, you're not hanging your d pawn.  And if White then takes the c pawn, trade bishops and play ...a6 and ...Bxc4.  You're nice and developed without losing time, as the knight had to move twice.