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My best win so far

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    Hello everyone. I haven't posted any games yet so I thought I'd make this my first. Note that I am not posting this to boast or brag as I do not claim to be a very good chess player. I'm instead posting it for analysis. 

    The 2500 computer alternative moves are all included in the move sequences as seen above. The computer tells me I made 3 blunders, 7 mistakes, and 4 inaccuracies. At my level of skill I'm always going to make inaccuracies and so for now I practically ignore them all together. I focus first on the blunders and then I'll look at the mistakes, but a good amount of the time I can't actually see why something is a mistake. 

    If I can go through an entire game without making any blunders or mistakes, I would be proud, but apparently the computer thinks I played rather sloppily here. I would be more proud of a loss in which I made no blunders or mistakes than a win in which my opponent happened to make even more blunders and mistakes. 

    Since it takes a long time to upload a game and post a message, I have excluded the narrations for now, but I plan to come back and discuss the individual moves at a later time. 

    One more note - the ratings at the top are the respective ratings BEFORE the game occured, not after. For some reason it is customary to do it the other way around, but I think this way is more logical. 

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    This was a blitz or what was the relation of time for the whole game?

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    30 mins per side

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    Oh! So I think you are kind of new on chess... your moves are quite logical and I notice you are well aware of the control of the center...you still have to improve that...I advice you to train tactics a lot and endings also...leave strategies apart for the moment...you more or less know the strategical ideas of some positions...and try to calculate a little bit more in the endings..30 min is a lot of time...you can do better...


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