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My Game against a National Master in Simultaneous Exhibition

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    There was this Simultaneous Exhibition in which about 30 players played this 2400 player.  I was one of them.  Now I don't have a USCF standard rating.  I'm going to get one in a few weeks when they do a tournament.  However my USCF Quick rating is 1299 so I guess you could say my rating is about 1400-1500.  It was a pretty good game.  I obviously made mistakes that he took advantage of.  I obviously lost.  But it was a good game.  Anyways here's the game:

    So I analyzed this, but I was hoping you guys could help me analyze this as well.  

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    I think he just wanted to get you into that Maroczy bind structure and play it by ear.

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    I'm running it through the computer right now...

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    right off I think you dont know what the standard plans are in the pawn structure you obtained. Trying to provoke g3 was just bad strategically. White has more space so wants to expand and push you backwards , you need counterplay and thats going to happen via your pawn breaks with ...d5 or ...b5 even if you sacrifice a pawn to obtain activity. 

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    Yeah, need to try for your breaks on d5 or b5.  Your knights never really did anything sorry :)

    About your comment on move 7, anytime a queen can be posted in the center it's almost always a good place to be.  It's just in the opening this usually won't be possible but in some openings it happens, and this game is a good example.

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    Yeah you guys are right. I was not really counter attacking and got crushed. I was trying to attack on the king side and tried to exploit holes. Provoking g3 was with the idea of exploiting f3. The problem with this was that he had good defense there. I should have attacked on queenside, since that is where my chances were. Also kingside attacks are usually White's thing in the Sicilian. It was kind of a disgrace for me as Black to attack on the king side in a Sicilian position.

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    Hey, don't sweat it.  I, for one, misplay positions all the time... I suspect all us chess players do Tongue out   As long as you can pull a lesson out of the game, it's worthwhile though.

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    My exchange sacrifice on move 36 was a blunder.  I would have won.  I had a completely winning position.  With that move, my computer says that it went from -3.63 to 0.00.  After I blundered, the computer says it was a complete draw position.  The next few moves were drawish.  Then I played a not so good endgame and slowly gave my opponent advantages until he tad a completely winning position.  I should have taken five minutes on the move I blundered at least and calculated everything to see that he couldn't checkmate me.  But no, I didn't use any passes that I had remaining to think more and played this bananas move, 36...Rxe7.  My downfall was the late middlegame/endgame.  


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