Need help, anyone up for it?


Ok, this is a blitz game I played today. In the final position, I think I'm still ahead, but, I'm not sure if the move I chose was the best, any thoughts?

In the final position I chose to play Ne1+ and won on time, but I think maybe Nf4+ is better. The line seems more forced to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I hope you enjoyed the game.

4.d3 is sound but stodgy in the IG, I'm glad to see you gave it the pounding it so rightfully deserves.

8...0-0 looks interesting, you'd get a big lead in development after 9.Ne5 Ne5 10.Re5 Be6, but then again it's always easier to sac someone else's pawns.

Your opponent bungled the opening, but you returned the favor (almost) by not taking his Rook (17...Nxb1) although you still won a piece in broad daylight as the old saying goes.

20...Ra8-c8 looks good, so you can play ...Nxa4

24...Qe7 was way better than 24...Ne2 as you quickly realized 

Both moves appear to win at the end (31...Nf4+ or 31...Ne1+)

You should annotate one of your "slow" live games or a turn-based game and put that out for comments, this just appears to be a sloppy blitz game (although your opening play was good) , nothing personal I'm not very good at blitz myself.


9. d4 looks crushing so ...h6 looks to be the lemon. look into setups where you play ...d6 and ...a6 first.

thanks for the game!