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New player, help me analyze my loss.

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    Hey guys. Help me analyze my game-loss against the level 10 computer. 


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    To my astonishment, I believe the position was very even at move 7. In such games where your king has been forced to move over to the d-file, there are some positional things you need to do:

    Play ...f6 to protect your e5-pawn and to repress any of White's minor pieces from moving to g5.

    Play ...Be6 to prevent Bc4 from threatening your f7-pawn.

    Note in both cases your weak point is your f7-pawn.

    I believe the rest of your problems in the game stemmed from neglect of those two positional moves.

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    Thanks for the help. I believe e7 might have been a better square for my knight, allowing f6 to be played. 

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    Once your king is on d-file you must examine both ...c6 and ...f6.

    ...c6 allows your king to find a safe shelter on c7 and ...f6 protects e5 and prevents the usually annoying Ng5 or Bc4.

    ...c6 is usually necessary , ...f6 is not always necessary.

    Here is a game played by a former world champion in a similar line


     In your game ...f6 doesn't seem necessary as there is no knight on f3.Still you need to be a bit careful as f7 is weak anyway.



    You had some very good moments in the game and some very bad.Some of your moves make no sense and they reveal a serious problem in your thinking that you must fix.

    Why 8...b6 when the simple 8...Be6 is available?

    Why 9...Ke7?Didn't you see that it blocks Bf8?

    Why  ...Kf6 and ...Nf8-Ng6?You took away from q-side 2 important pieces.Didn't you see that your q-side needed defence?

       The good news is that you are capable of thinking simple and you don't blunder.This is actually an amazing game for a player of your rating and it's a huge surprise that you are not much higher rated.You need to improve your evaluation skill.When your opponent attacks on one side you have 2 choices:Either counterattack or defend and slowly prepare counterattack."Defend" means 2 things:

    1)Exchange important attackers.

    2)Bring more pieces to the side that needs to be defended.

    Of course you can't play chess with rules(that's the only really absolute rule in chess),  there are exceptions and they are a matter of correct evaluation but these general rules are the first to consider when your opponent is attacking.

         I believe you are talented and you can play much better.Keep playing tough games and analyse them.

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    Thanks so much for all of that. That was really informative, and I can take a lot away from it to improve my playing. I agree that I need to start thinking simple and positional because it's apparent now that a lot of my moves made no sense. Starting by putting pieces where they're needed is a great tip; it seems so obvious now. 


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