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New video series: My Chess Career/U1600

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    Many of you have seen my videos, I have a terrific lessons program for you to improve your game, and achieve a master title.


    Now I start a new series, covering my games when I was new to rated play, just over 40 years ago. I remember these games like yesterday, even what I was thinking when I selected my crazy moves! I'll be back soon with another, this series will really help you improve your play.


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    Looks like the way I play now lol!!! Smile

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    Quality!!! I loved it and will eat any you serve up with pleasure :-)

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    very helpful

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    HIGHLY instructive!  In 30 minute games I often find myself getting into deep strategic analysis of a position to try to find a best move when a tactic is on the board.  Bxa2!!

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    I like the pace of your video. You take time to explain. I'll view your others.My game could use some improvement.

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    Excellent video!! Learn so much in 35 minutes!

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    thank you mr. richards! being a player rated under 1600 myself, i feel that these videos will make a great addition to what i've already learned from your other video series

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    thanks for all the kind comments, I hope you all stick with this series, it's really going to help you improve your play.


    direct YouTube link: http://youtu.be/nHcNSIreIUo

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    I’m glad I spotted this thread. Thank you!

    I’ve watched 001 so far and thought it was really good, and relevant to my current level.  You have a very pleasant laid-back styleSmile

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    Those videos are really awesome! So easy to understand, so solid! Thanks for sharing them.


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