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Please help! almost beat a 1300 player!

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    Actually, how is that check mate? In fact, shouldn't that be a draw, your king had no place to move in the end, so I don't see how he won.

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    #37......rxr,kxr,pg2 w/ win easily.

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    #27...rh1+,ke2,bh5+,kd2,bb4+,kc1,rxr+,qd1,rxq +,kc2,qxdp mate

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    63. ...Qb1#, too. Look again at the position - your King cuts his off in one direction, your Queen on the a-file keeps him from going that way, so a file check kills him. Alternatively 63. ... Qb4+ and 64. ... Qa1#, the good old "lawnmower mate". But really, the soundbite here is "study basic checkmates".

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    doduobird123 wrote:

    @steinar, instead of 27 Qf3, play Rh1+,Ke2, Qxf7+, Kd1, and then u can finish him with Rxe1#

    But in Steinar's line the finish is 27. ... Qf3; 28. Any, Rh1# - there is no way out of the box and White doesn't even have a spite check.

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    johnny_r wrote:

    @D4DevilX lol, I get that 64 is a blunder. I meant earlier in the game.

    @bfound 40 ..Qxh2+ is not a legal move not sure what you're talking about. There's nothing for the queen to take on h2 on move 40.

    What about that white rook just next to your new Queen? Wink

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    having completely missed the fact that this was a blitz game, I'm gonna try again.....

    Holy hell, that was impressive! Great job. With such a huge material advantage, stalemate becomes your greatest enemy. try to trap the king into 2 or 3 squares, then bring help. Bringing your lastly crowned queen to A1, would have won for you.

    Don't focus on the ending, tho. You should be very proud of that game.

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    Pf8 (Q) shouldn't have involved your king at this point. Get him out of the way!!! That is asking for stale mate.

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    As I have noted elsewhere blitz and bullet chess are nothng more than chess variants, like Atomic, Loser's, and Crazyhouse. You learn and keep playing bad habits from fast chess. If you wish to beat stronger players, stick to standard play. My website, linked in my profile has a free online video lessons course that explans what I believe are the best ways to improve your game, and it's from my own example. 40 years ago, I had some basic knowledge of the gamem and learned from trial and error. What worked for me to become a master I have condensed so anyone can easily learn. But you have to do the work, and blitz chess is wasting your valuable time. Titles are given for slow chess, not for blitz chess.

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    You traded of the queens (not a good idea)

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    Thanks everyone, especially @Steinar. That rook sac sure looks pretty. I can't see myself finding that under time pressure but i'll try to work on more tactics and learn to calculate faster. I noticed a lot of us newbies when we see blood we can't wait to jump in but pros keep adding pressure, they wait for the meat to marinate before they bite. 

      I'm gonna take your guys advice and I will switch to standard until I reach 1400 or even 1500. Maybe then I'll go back to blitz.  I won a beautiful standard game last night against a stronger player and felt in control the entire game. Standard was surprisingly enjoyable and not at all boring. Once I go back to blitz after having reached 1400/1500 at standard it'll be interesting to see if i'll be crushing my blitz opponents or if i'll be struggling. I'm guessing my conservative positional play might get beaten by their offbeat tactics. 

      @aww-rats i'll check out your website, thanks for your advice. 

    @Russ_Houghton thanks! Someone pointed that out already.

    The three things I got out of this thread are:

    1. Look to bring more pieces into an attack

    2. If i'm up multiple pieces/pawns with seconds on the clock look to lock his pawns, ristrict his king's moves to 2 squares then premove passed pawn for an easy win.

    3. Play 2 standard games per day instead of 5 blitzes until I reach 1400-1500 - i'll improve faster that way.


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