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puzzles in chess

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    Try some of these puzzles.

    What is the good moves for three of these puzzle. Write your answer on the commemt box.

    problem of the year in chess is what is the best opening who did it when and where send or post answers on comment box

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    if you got the right answer you are awesome.

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    pirathapan wrote:

    if you got the right answer you are awesome.

    Anyone who figures out who's move it is, is.

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    1... Rg8+ 2. Kh1 Bxf2

    1. Rg2 Q wherever 2. Rg8+

    1... Ne2+ 2. Kh1 Ng3+ 3. hxg3 (else Qxf1#) Qxf1+ 4. Kh2 Bf5 5. Q wherever Be4

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    There are lots of solutions for these.

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    The second is 1. Ra2 for mate in three

    the HAL game has me stumped

    Bxf2 is funny

  • #7

    Because it leads to draw by repetition?

  • #8

    Ah, now I see, he put the knight on g5 instead of e5, darned 747 rateds


  • #9

    It's pretty hard to avoid finding a win for Black in the third position... Smile

  • #10

    Yes but now you don't have Ng4+ after Ne2+ Kh1 Ng3+ hxg3 Qxf1+ Kh2 for mate

    This complicates matters

  • #11

    Oh yeah heinzie, it is that game (he's also got the wrong guy moving as well).

    And I didn't even know there was a Wormhole Attack... Smile

  • #12

    White played a4 instead of Bd1, I think it might be a common modification of the game score?

    But I do not understand the point of the knight shift. It's perfect on g5


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