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Question about 4...

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    If you were black, what would you have played here?  I went with Nc5 with the idea I could get my knight out of possible danger, chase away the queen, hopefully being able to chase her again with further development, and to block the pawn and be generally annoying.  I realize that there are tons of developing moves I could have made, so now I'm also curious about the variations I have with other moves.

    In the variations, I try to be as aggressive as possible for white because that's what happened in the real game.

    The last half of the game isn't worth looking at, and I have no questions about it, so I won't waste people's time posting the whole thing unless someone wants to see it.

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    What about 4...Bc5

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    4...bc5 is really razor sharp...lazy chess player has good chess ideas. not so good--chasing Q.s around.


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