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    TonyGas wrote:

    please help me solve this tricky little poser. really, i want mate in three but will settle for four moves. i am playing white. thank you


    If you are white, you're in bad shape after K-g1 Q-h1#


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    Thanks for this post. Very informative! 

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    I'm currently learning tactics through Chesscademy, and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how this game can be mate in 3 moves for white:

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    aman_makhija wrote:

    I agree with all, except #2. Why can't you learn from your opponent's mistakes. 

    Often times at beginner and intermediate level, many games are won, even though you don't deserve to win them. So, you might have lost a pawn in the middlegame, but your opponent blundered a mating net in the endgame, much later. Then you need to find where you made a mistake while losing your pawn.

    This happens very often at begginners level, and intermediate (like me!)


    Well said Aman. Your post is a strong argument, as reviewing our mistakes (made in games won or lost) seems in keeping with the spirit of the rule: "...we learn the most when we review our losses" . However, it appears the rule/guideline was regarding "posting", not "analyzing" , ...learning. Learn from all your games, yet don't boast or gloat online, ...seems to be the emphasis ("If you really want to post a game..."). Fine guidelines, IMO.

    "2.  Post a lot games that you lost, a few that were draws, and on occasion those that you won.  While it is more fun to gloat over our wins than suffer under our losses, we learn the most when we review our losses.  If you really want to post a game where you crushed your opponent, consider the game showcase forum."

    Why don't we say, ...when Posting Games for member feedback & input, focus on losses, honestly critical of errors (mishandling opening, middle-game & endgame structures, positional & tactical blunders/losing moves, ...while earnest in seeking advice), analyse as many games as you can (particularly slower time controls) and focus on all mistakes (so as not to repeat them) when analyzing your games happy.png .


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    This is beautiful thank you

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