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    While playing a game of chess, we came to a situation were i had my king and and the other player had 4 or 5 pieces left. is there a situation where if he doesnt get me in checkmate within a certain amount of moves? which would result in a stalemate?

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    If he doesn't checkmate you within 50 moves that don't involve a capture or pawn move, then it's not stalemate; but it's considered a draw under a different rule known as the 50-move rule.

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    is a stalemate a draw or a loss? if the last move of my opponent would result in a stalemate, is that a loss for me?

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    There are various ways a winning player can mess up a winning position.  The 50 move rule has already explained. 

    A stalemate is when the king is NOT in check, but there are no legal moves that can be made in the game.  A stalemate is always a draw regardless of how many pieces you have left. 

    The very first time I found out about this was unluckily when I managed to do it in a match.  I have used it to my advantage since then.  Someone I know (not me) once managed to lose the school championships with it! 

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    If you have only got your king left but your opponent has a few pieces, it is only stalemate if your opponant has trapped your king without checking it.

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    Usually, the other player will sacrifice the annoying pieces, leaving him with a decent amount of material. 

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    If he doesn't checkmate after 50 moves without a pawn move or capture, it's draw by 50-move rule

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    whilst playing in an tournament game im left with just my king, and my apponent has his king and a rook. we have had over 50 moves and ive offered him a draw and had no response from him so i moved as i only had 8 minutes left on clock. with this 50 move checkmate rule does this mean its a stalemate?

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    Welshmanx1 have you got a link to the game you are talking about? 

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    blowerd i carried on and  lost the game which sent me out. but was i right it should have been a draw on the 50 move rule?

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    You probably have to claim the draw to get it re the 50-move-rule (and btw "stalemate" and "draw" are not synonymous).

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    Was it this game:  http://www.chess.com/echess/game.html?id=50483613


    If so I wouldn't really be surprised your opponent rejected the draw.  Apart from that game I can't see any games which have even got over 50 moves in your game history, never mind 50 moves without a pawn advance, or a capture. 

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    thanx blowerd for your comment if the game was against daverose then its the right game. Im not sure what this 50 move rule is? to me stalemate is when you cant move your king but is`nt in check, which is correct. 

    P.s i sent you a challenge hope your not scared of playing me or think i want be a challenge to you because you`ve got a higher rating than me. lol

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    Stalemate is when there is no legal move but the king is not in check. 

    This is stalemate. 





















    I'm sure you get the idea of stalemate by now. 

    However the 50 move rule is something totally different.  The only thing they both have in common is that both situations mean the game is a draw. 

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    To comment on this, and another thread about resigning. I find that when you are in the spot where you are trying for a stalemate, or a forced draw, it becomes a different challenge altogether. I know some may not agree with me, but if you can pull off a stalemate, on purpose, and you were in the loosing position, then to me it is a victory. You did not lose, and he/she did not win. On the other hand, if your opponent can pull this off, and you would have won otherwise, then it is a loss in my opinion. This may account for those who will not resign. They may be attempting this as this can be a very rewarding end to what may have been a loss. This is just my two cents here.

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    danilonacua wrote:

    is a stalemate a draw or a loss? if the last move of my opponent would result in a stalemate, is that a loss for me?

    My above post was in reference to this...I forgot to quote it.


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