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The Surprice Knight.

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    I decided to join a tournament on the online chess options; 1 day move time. And recently have lost 2 of the games against the same theme/tactic. So as this theme is totaly new for me (nothing like that in the tactic training pluzes I have being doing) I decided to post the games for people to comment, see how this sacrifice of Knight works, and the ones that have not seeing it can learn from my mistakes.

    I apreciate feedback, and advice in how to improve my game.

    And here comes the second game I lost after the same theme on the same day:
    And that is how I losses 2 games, one after another over the same theme. Can say I learned something about this games.
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    in the first game your knight adventure to capture a single pawn on b7 is very wrong. you should develop a better sense of danger. you can not care about capturing a single pawn when your king is under fire. I was expecting a crushing attack from black anytime after about move 15. after you opened the f-file by capturing the pawn on e4 i was expecting a sudden death. black took sometime before throwing the crushing blow, i believe black had something very before. 

    i don't like black's 24...Qxe5. he should have played Nxe5 bringing more pieces into the attack.

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    This article might help you with basic checkmating patterns


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    Ok, I just created a post that didn't show up... It was all great and fun and had all the best stuff.... But now I am just tired, and wanna go play computer games (that is chess on internet).

    Anyway saying I appreciate the feedback, still have lots to learn, thanks for the link, I think the adventure to gaing a pawn was justify, that was not the problem, the problem was I was no aware of the combination atack my oponent had.

    Anybody else thing that is not good to go after a pawn like that? I mean in a position where your king is safe.

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    if your king is safe then it might be okay to go after pawns, but its usually better to combine it with some other plans. it depends on the position. to quote kasparov, there are three major elements of any chess position. material (obvious), quality of material and time. there are many poisoned pawn variations where the side grabbing the pawn loses time and quality of material. for the same reason gambits work.


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