Trouble with Fritz Analysis


Problems are that this I've set thisthing to look in at 24 pli per move and this thing takes 6-12 hours to analyze a 50 move game.  And, the other problem is that I've been so unlucky that after the thing was half done after working for 6 hours, someone came and accidently x-ed it out and now it starts analyzing all over again.  This is really frustrating.  

Is there some way for it to not analyze the whole game, but only a section of the game in Blunder Check.  That's what I'm using...


You can choose the position then switch on "Infinite Analysis! this is quick, just leave it long enough to satisfy you, using "Shootout" is quite good as well as it shows how the game could have been.

Hope this helps.


Infinite analysis won't help analyse a 50 move game, it will just analyse a single position to death. I would suggest setting it to analyse the game giving it a specific time per move - 24 ply is a huge depth in many positions. If you just want it to blundercheck the game you can have the whole process done in a few minutes. Which version of Fritz are you using?

To quickly blundercheck a game in Fritz 13 just go to Analysis, give it say, 5-10 seconds a move and a threshold of 50. You'll be done in next to no time.


I still want it to be very precise and don't mind giving it an hour or two.  It's just 6-12 hours is kind of over the top.  I set the threshold to 30 since I want the thing to be strict.  And I'm going to set it to one minute per move so it should finish in about a hour and a half which is fine.  Is that sufficient idea?  I want it to be very thorough so if one minute per move good enough for a club level player like me?  I'm starting it now...


for most players 15 to 30 mins should give a good analysis so I would just put a 30 min limit for the engine to run.


It's done but I can't see the whole game.  The training questions didn't appear and I can onlly see some moves of the game.  Help!